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Trekking Series
Elastic and multifunctional hybrid technical jacket, ideal for all types of mountain activity. The rear part (sleeves, back and hood) is made of Warmshell Eco which is elastic and very breathable, which means that the garment provides extra comfort, warmth, fast drying and optimal freedom of movement. The front is made of Pertex® Quantum Eco and Polartec® Alpha, providing extra insulation and optimal protection against the wind.It incorporates two pockets for the hands, thumb holes, flat seams to prevent chafing and elastic cord in the hem and hood.


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Protect yourself from the cold in the mountains with the women's CASTOR JACKET from Ternua. True to our commitment to creating ecological clothing, the back of this jacket is made of Warmshell Eco, an elastic, very breathable and quick-drying fabric that provides comfort, warmth and freedom of movement for trekking, hiking or any other outdoor activity. The front is made of Pertex® Quantum Eco and Polartec® Alpha, for extra insulation and protection against the wind.









  • Made of recycled materials.
  • Made of biodegradable natural materials.
  • Made of organic cotton.
  • Made of bluesign® fabrics.
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PFC FreeSustainable and toxic-free water-repellent treatment. + info
RecycledMade from recycled materials such as fishing nets and plastic bottles etc. + info
Bluesign approved fabricFabric certified as manufactured in a sustainable way and respectful of working conditions. + info

Technical fabrics

DryshellDryshell technical fabric is technologically developed based on microfibers in order to wick away moisture for quick drying. Along with its high breathability, it provides the athlete with maximum comfort, optimizing and improving their performance.
WarmshellWarmshell fabrics are made from quality raw material and constructed using advanced technology to achieve the highest level of functionality. The warmshell categorie includes a broad spectrum of available technologies for warmth. Advances in fiber and finishing technologies are constantly bringing new options to the warmshell categorie. · Excellent heat retention without weight · Quick drying · High breathability · Excellent durability · Easy care
Polartec AlphaPolartec® Alpha™ Is the latest synthetic insulation evolution, offering a combination of light warmth and a true ability to breathe in a cushioned garment. Since the Polartec® Alpha™ insulation is long-lasting, and more stable than other synthetic insulations, it can be used on more open exterior and interior fabrics, making it air permeable. This small air flow quickly removes the body moisture, allowing Polartec® Alpha™ to be used in a wider range of activities in comparison with the "moisture barrier" type insulations.
scafeWe have discovered something that nobody had noticed before: that the capacity of coffee grounds to control odours can be integrated into the fabric. Once we noticed this, we started recycling coffee grounds and tried to make the idea a reality. We added coffee grounds to the fibres. To our surprise, S.Café® not only keeps odours in check, it also protects against UV rays and dries very quickly. Coffee isn't just good for drinking, you can also wear it!

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