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Ternua receives the Aire Libre magazine award for its commitment to sustainability

In recognition of our commitment to sustainability and, more specifically, for our REDCYCLE initiatives and the project “For a Plastic Free Sea”, Aire Libre magazine has presented us with an award at the recently held International Tourism Fair, FITUR.

“All of us at Ternua would like to thank the Aire Libre magazine for this recognition. For us, sustainability is part of the DNA of our brand,” explains Edu Uribesalgo, Ternua’s Director of Innovation and Sustainability.

As early as 1994, our first collection of fleece-lined garments already included recycled polyester from plastic bottles in their manufacture. Today we use recycled materials such as wool, cotton, down, PET plastics, train carpets, coffee grounds and fishing nets.

Redcycle project

In 2015, together with the coastal fishermen of Gipuzkoa, we launched the REDCYCLE project, through which we have collected 12 tonnes of abandoned nets which we have used to manufacture technical garments for outdoor activities. Thanks to the collection of these first 12 tonnes of nets we have produced 9 tonnes of usable recycled polyamide, and have avoided the consumption of 18 tonnes of oil, and the generation of 40 tonnes of CO2, that would have been necessary to produce this material in the form of virgin polyamide.

“For a Plastic Free Sea”

We recently launched the initiative “For a Plastic Free Sea” together with SAS (Surfers Against Sewage). The aim is to remove 30 tonnes of plastic rubbish from the beaches of the United Kingdom. This will involve 10,000 volunteers working during two weekends on 350 beaches across the country. It is a project that we have been able to implement thanks to your votes and support!

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