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For a plastic-free sea

From 4 to 18 October the voting process for the EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association) project will be up and running, which you can all take part in. Ternua is one of the board members of EOCA, a non-profit association which since 2006 has distributed more than €2 million for environmental conservation projects.

A long chain of plastic is condemning oceans around the world to suffer dangerous and even mortal contamination for thousands of marine species and, as a result, also for human beings. Ternua and the Surfers against Sewage association are joining forces to promote a project which seeks to remove more than 30 tonnes of plastic waste from beaches around the United Kingdom: For a plastic-free sea.

The project consists of training 175 volunteers as regional representatives to coordinate more than 10,000 volunteers who will remove close to 30 tonnes of plastic from 350 beaches around the United Kingdom's coast.

“It is a project that is closely related to others we have carried out and which are ongoing, such as REDCYCLE (collection of discarded fishing nets). In short, cleaning the sea and reusing waste.

EOCA allocates €30,000 to the most voted project, which in many cases is vital to be able to complete the project; in some cases to accelerate and even improve results for the benefit of the environment. For us, it's more than a collaboration. We are an active party as members of the Board of Directors and we want our initiatives to minimise our impact to expand among all the companies that are part of the European Outdoor Group, and as a result of this, to raise awareness among the general public that enjoys our nature”, explains Eduardo Uribesalgo, Research, Development and Innovation Manager.

Would you like to help us?

Vote for our project on the EOCA website, and follow these instructions:

1)     Click on the following link:

2)     Look for the Ternua logo and click on "Vote now"

3)    Accept the terms and conditions and click on "Cast your vote"

 As easy as that!


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