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Protech Series
Neck gaitor made with Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft that also can be used as a hat. Has an adjustable cord to close or open it, depending on the weather conditions. Ideal for any winter mountain activity.


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Protect your neck with Ternua's STOKY neck gaiters. Made from Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft, they will keep you warm in your winter mountain activities. They can also be used as a hat.


  • Made of recycled materials.
  • Made of biodegradable natural materials.
  • Made of organic cotton.
  • Made of bluesign® fabrics.
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Composition and care


50 g.


  • Fabric Composition: 100%Polyester

Technical fabrics

Polartec Power Stretch ProThe Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ fabrics have a 4-way elasticity that wraps the body while maintaining the capacity to breathe. They keep you dry when you sweat and provide warmth without weight. These fabrics feature a proprietary construction with two unique surfaces: a durable nylon outer layer is wind and abrasion resistant; the soft polyester inner layer pulls moisture away from your skin keeping you dry, warm and comfortable. Adaptable to changing weather conditions, Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ garments make an excellent base layer and can be layered over lighter garments, or serve as warm, durable outerwear.
Polartec High LoftPolartec® High Loft ™ fabrics take thermal insulation to a new level, maximising warmth without adding weight, and remaining stretchy and breathable. Polartec® fabrics are some of the most technologically advanced in terms of insulation. They are extremely versatile and able to perform under extreme conditions. They key to this fabric's performance is its unique and patented construction. The open mesh improves elasticity, increases the flow of air, and minimises weight. The low-density, very soft inner and outer sides minimise weight while retaining warmth and elasticity.

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