Eco-friendly News: Ternua has focused on three major clothing projects that not only are sustainable, but also offer high-quality functionality in design and application.

Introducing Three New Innovative and Sustainable Projects

The projects Redcycle, Nutcycle, and Dulau all aim to protect the environment and allow others to connect to nature. Ternua developed these projects with the enviroment and users in mind; with a goal to help protect the planet while also making high functioning outdoor clothing perfect for you!

Ternua Sustainable Projects; Going Green

Sustainable Projects: 1) Redcycle

The first project showcases Ternua´s dedication and innovative approach to minimize damage and waste to the environment. Redcycle is a project that turns unused fishing nets from the Basque coast into comfortable and functional outdoor apparel.

Sustainable Projects: Ternua Redcycle Nets

In 2016, Ternua collected 12 tonnes of disused fishing nets from the Bermeo, Getaria and Hondarribia Basque association of fisherman and turned them into recyclable and sustainable clothing wear like shorts, leggings, or trousers.

  • First, the process of Redcycle begins with the collection of the nets
  • Next the nets are to Slovenia where Aquafll, an Italian company, shreds and cleans them
  • After, the recovered wastes is sent to the ECONYL regeneration plant where it undergoes a regeneration process to become ECONYL yarn
  • Then, the ECONYL yarn is sent to fabric manufacturers where it is mixed with other recycled materials (such as carpets) to become thread
  • This thread is sent to Barcelona where it is used to become fabric
  • Finally, the fabrics are sent to Mondragon, where the design and development process occurs
  • The result: A new fabric which later becomes a RECYCLED clothing item, itself being RECYCLABLE and RESPECTFUL of the planet

Ternua´s Redcyle Step Process

Sustainable Projects: 2) Nutcycle

Nutcycle is a project that utilizes a natural dye made from nut shells.

Paying tribute to its Basque culture, Ternua launched Nutcyle; a project influenced by Basque gastronomy. Nutcycle combines 100% recycled fabrics and organic dye to make Ternua´s most sustainable and eco friendly sweatshirts and tshirts to date.

The fabrics are made from a blend of recycled cotton (cotton products that have reached the end of their life cycle) and recycled polyester (from post consumer recycled PET bottles)

Nutcycle walnuts and shirt made from the natural dye of walnuts

The dye is 100% natural and is made from the agricultural waste of walnuts shells used in cider houses. Cider houses are typical Basque restaurants where over 55,ooo kilos of walnuts are consumed each season.  In order to minimize walnut shell waste, Ternua has partnered with Archroma and the Gipuzkoa association of cider houses to collect the excess shells and convert them into a natural dye.

Ternua Nutcycle walnuts recovered from cider houses in order to make a natural dye

The process begins with the collection of nut shells. After the nut shells are crushed and sent to the Archroma facilities in Barcelona. Finally, they are turned into a natural colorant which will later be used in Ternua´s products.

Ternua Nutcycle process; sustainable projects


Sustainable Projects: 3) Dulau Jacket

The next project shows Ternua´s commitment to design and produce the best products for their customers, while also enforcing their goal to protect the environment. The Dulau jacket contains precise and technical design features that allow for dynamic use and extreme protection to users. Also, it was co-created with runners from one of the best well-known mountain races in Spain.

Ternua Dulau Athletes Numbers

This multifunctional jacket is perfect to use in all types of mountain or outdoor activity, because it is lightweight, packable, and breathable. Also, it contains Warmshell Eco fabric, which not only allows for flexibility and total freedom of movement, but also provides comfort and warmth

Ternua grey jacket with red and orange zippers for men

It is a close-fitting technical jacket that is highly versatile and is perfect for any season of the year. Its innovative and sustainable design allows consumers to feel comfortable, protected, and confident during their outdoor adventures. Above all, the jacket is made from entirely from recycled materials!

Sustainable Projects: Ternua Dulau jacket inside tag

In addition, it includes a natural antibacterial treatment, S-café. This controls odour, protects against UV rays, and helps the fabric dry quickly. Also, there are two side pockets and an attached upper arm sleeve pocket. All the zippers are recycled. The hood, hem, and cuffs have an elastic trim that include a chin protector and flat seams. Furthermore, the cuffs have a thumb hold to keep the sleeve in place.

Ternua Dulau Jacket

Protecting the Planet

All the sustainable projects were designed with the care and concern for the environment and the users in mind! Furthermore, Ternua will continue to persue and develope innovative and sustainable projects that benefit the environment and you!