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Whales Spirit
A breathable, technical and sustainable men's jacket, winner of the GOLD ISPO AWARD. Made of recycled and recyclable materials, the refined and minimalist design of the CRADDLE men's jacket was the origin of the WHALES SPIRIT concept. The outer fabric with ECO STORM technology provides you with excellent protection against the rain (PFC-free water-repellent treatment) and wind, while the extra-comfortable recycled THERMASHELL PEARL filling (200 g), together with its heat-sealed seams, provides you with insulation and warmth during the cold days of winter. It is a sustainable jacket, made with fabrics and fillings in recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles certified with BLUESIGN and very breathable. It has a front lapel with magnets so that it always stays in position.


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Sustainability, breathability and protection combined in the same garment. The perfect jacket to cope with the rainiest days.


Leisure and Travel







Waterprofness / Heavy rain


Freedom of movement


Technical features


Garment with a fabric that shields you from the wind for greater comfort in outdoor activities.


It has a fabric that helps regulate body temperature by allowing sweat to be expelled.

Flatlock stitch

Garment with flat seams to prevent chafing during sports activities.


It has a membrane that prevents water from passing through, making the garment waterproof.


  • Made of recycled materials.
  • Made of biodegradable natural materials.
  • Made of organic cotton.
  • Made of bluesign® fabrics.
+ info
PFC FreeSustainable and toxic-free water-repellent treatment. + info
RecycledMade from recycled materials such as fishing nets and plastic bottles etc. + info
Bluesign approved fabricFabric certified as manufactured in a sustainable way and respectful of working conditions. + info

Composition and care


880 g.


  • Fabric Composition: 100%Polyester
  • Lining Composition: 100%Polyester
  • Filling Composition: 100%Polyester
Regular Fit: Regular pattern garment. Consult the size guide for the range of sizes of Ternua garments

Technical fabrics

eco_stormThe highly functional material ECO STORM® is a recyclable, waterproof/breathable material made from recycled fibers. It was created through TEIJIN's ECO CIRCLE™, the world's first closed-loop recycling system for polyester products. Made from polyester fiber, ECO STORM® has the highest standards for waterproof/breathable clothing and it can be recycled into new materials when collected. ECO STORM® achieves a good performance balance between comfort and environmental sustainability. The highly water-repellent base fabric combined with a highly functional waterproof/breathable film that won't get wet and traps little moisture. This newly developed 100% polyester waterproof/breathable film is thin and highly durable. With its high level of waterproof/breathable functionality, ECO STORM® gives comfortable and durable protection in any weather conditions. Hydrostatic resistance 20,000mmH2O or greater (JIS L1092 B) Moisture permeability 15,000g/m2・24hrs(JIS L1099 B-1)
microshellMicroshell technical fabric is technologically developed based on ultra-fine synthetic microfibers, which makes it a lightweight, highly breathable and windproof fabric. It contains a PFC-free (free of fluorocarbons) water repellent treatment. It is also downproof and fiberproof.
ThermashellThe Thermashell material, thanks to its hollow fibre, creates maximum insulation providing heat and water resistance, together with a soft touch, maximum lightless and compressibility. The microfibers are designed to create surface tension, and in this way, avoid dampness from penetrating the clothing. Thermashell provides efficiency, warmth and comfort: • Excellent thermal efficiency • Highly water resistant • Quick to dry • With a featherlike touch and quality • Breathable • Compressible • Resistant and durable (machine washable) • Very light

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