Bienvenido a Ternua

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We design quality, functional, multi-purpose garments. A unique colourful design for the user to practice any activity comfortably and safely.

For us, the design is more than just dressing our user. It means connecting with them, sharing a message that makes up their common lifestyle and philosophy, and to accompany them through this experience. Because at Ternua we design from experience, empathy and from our way of being and living: from the demanding and the quality searching that makes us unique.

nuestros inicios

A design that, before being approved by the production team, goes on to the testing by our friends. Because from their experience we can assure that each of our products adapts to the user´s needs, both in high and less demanding mountains and the city. The process of each of our garments complies with the brand´s sustainable philosophy.

Altitoy jacket

Del logotipo a las líneas de corte

Los cortes aplicados a las prendas, tanto en el exterior como en el interior simulan a la cola de una ballena, símbolo de la marca que representan un lenguaje de diseño único y diferenciado.

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