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New Earth Spirit
A casual and lifestyle warm hybrid jacket combining a technical fleece and insulation performance. Made from Warmshell in sleeves, sides and back, it is breathable, quick-dry and very comfortable. Microshell Eco + Thermashell Eco 80 gr in the front will provide windprotection and extra warmth for the daily life and some outdoor activities in cold weathers.


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Protect the youngest members of the family from the cold with the KARIUS children's jacket from Ternua. Warm, windproof, lightweight and breathable, this hybrid jacket combines Warmshell fabric in the sleeves, sides and back, with Microshell Eco + Thermashell Eco 100 g for the front, which provides them with extra wind protection and warmth, making it ideal for daily use and for outdoor activities in cold climates.









  • Made of recycled materials.
  • Made of biodegradable natural materials.
  • Made of organic cotton.
  • Made of bluesign® fabrics.
+ info
PFC FreeSustainable and toxic-free water-repellent treatment. + info
RecycledMade from recycled materials such as fishing nets and plastic bottles etc. + info

Composition and care


2520000 g.


  • Fabric Composition: 100%Polyester
  • Lining Composition: 100%Polyamide
  • Filling Composition: 100%Polyester

Technical fabrics

thermashell_ecoThermashell Eco insulation is as soft and comfortable as down feathers keeping you warm and toasty. Is able to achieve great warmth to weight ratio, being extremely lightweight as down feathers and compressible to fit in the most compact areas. Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Giving materials a second life which otherwise may be discarded to landfills.
WarmshellWarmshell fabrics are made from quality raw material and constructed using advanced technology to achieve the highest level of functionality. The warmshell categorie includes a broad spectrum of available technologies for warmth. Advances in fiber and finishing technologies are constantly bringing new options to the warmshell categorie. · Excellent heat retention without weight · Quick drying · High breathability · Excellent durability · Easy care

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