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New Earth Spirit
Perfect women's trousers for any adventure, as they are made of an elastic fabric. Made of hemp, one of the strongest fibres that exists and which also has antibacterial properties.


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Get around the mountains with these strong and elastic trousers.


  • Made of recycled materials.
  • Made of biodegradable natural materials.
  • Made of organic cotton.
  • Made of bluesign® fabrics.
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Composition and care


415 g.


  • Fabric Composition: 85%Cotton 13%Hemp 2%Elastane

Technical fabrics

WarmshellWarmshell fabrics are made from quality raw material and constructed using advanced technology to achieve the highest level of functionality. The warmshell categorie includes a broad spectrum of available technologies for warmth. Advances in fiber and finishing technologies are constantly bringing new options to the warmshell categorie. · Excellent heat retention without weight · Quick drying · High breathability · Excellent durability · Easy care
ShellstretchShellstretch fabric is bi-elastic for improved body adaptation, always keeping its ahape as well as being hard-wearing and comfortable. Designed to quickly absorb perspiration and transport moisture away from the body, it also has a water-repellent finish. Shellstretch fabric is ideal for activities requiring total freedom of movement. This makes it ideal for mountain sports requiring total freedom of movement.

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