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The gradual conquest of eight summits, from thousand to thousand meters, starting with Gorbea and finishing in an eight thousand has kept the Ternua R+D team working for months, shoulder to shoulder with mountaineers to offer them the best protection in their path to the top.

TThe extreme conditions in the expedition requires the development of a 8,000 m alpine style two piece (jacket+ pants) suit, reducing 20% its weight in comparison to the previous version, , but without losing the insulation capacity.

The comments for the development of both parts, received by Alberto Iñurrategi and Juan Vallejo, explain:

answer Result

An exclusive two piece suit, very light, only 1.300 grams, that allows for different combinations relative to the warming needs. Hand-made with high-tech fabrics like Pertex Endurance (exterior) y Pertex Quantum GL (interior) and a fill of Neokdun FP800 recycled water-repellent down with Nikwax PFC free treatment...

Result Result

The water-repellent down filling is hand-filled filled in our Arrasate installations, assuring the process´ quality at all times, and the care for the environment. Besides the suit, at Ternua we have worked in the creation of mittens, to which we have incorporated synthetic fur at the mitten opening, keeping snow from entering upon taking it off, from heat escaping your hands when on, and for making it easy to slip on, without straps or other fasteners. As insulation, we have combined recycled Neokdun FP800 water-repellent down with Nikwax PFC free treatment and Primaloft one..

We have also made an expedition sleeping bag, and innovative product that responds to the needs to lighten the load as much as possible, while maintaining the same capacities. With this, we have developed a light bag, that doesn't weigh more than 1.000 grams, and is spacious enough to be used with the high altitude suit. It is made in Pertex Endurance in the exterior, and Pertex Quantum GL in the interior, with a recycled Neokdun FP800 water-repellent down with Nikwax PFC free treatment.

Finally, our team has worked in producing a lighter jacket, exclusively for under the suit, which is very multifunctional, only weighing 240 grams, and with high compressibility, facilitating its transport and packaging in the backpack. Its exterior and interior fabric is Pertex Quantium GL only 20 g/m2 and its filled with recycled Neokdun FP800 water-repellent down with Nikwax PFC free treatment, allowing for the self-regulation of heat with layers.


We care for our environment and protect mountaineers in their path to the summit.

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