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Gorbeia Suzien

Gorbeia Suzien

Gorbeia Suzien

A sustainable race

The impressive scenario of Gorbeia Natural Park is in charge of sharing and transporting all the race's participants, Ternua's values in terms of sustainability and protection, with actions that, together, make up a whole.

A race that joins people that love the mountain and sport, people that, because of their values, Ternua trusts for the development of their garments. Because with them, their experience and respect, their passion and effort, we will improve ALDAMIN. A jacket that pays homage to our summit neighbour, to get it out on the market already tested by true adventurers with an outdoor spirit that respect and love nature just like we do.

A philosophy of protection that extends throughout the race, taking actions like picking up trash, reusing jerseys and brands, installation of a recycling container, use of leftover food for compost and animal feed, etc.

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